Digital Media

I had an amazing first lecture with my professor Ramona Pringle!

I learned exactly what Digital Media was. Going into class I kept asking myself, “What exactly is Digital Media? And what will this course help me attain?” Going into Digital Media I thought it was all about computers and video games…but to my surprise it’s way more then that!

Through this first lecture I learned that almost everything I do involves Digital Media.  Things such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Infographics, and even my cell phone! (Which I am on constantly) involves Digital Media! I was truly shocked and very amused! Ramona showed us this one HILARIOUS video called; Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, which I have never heard of, but while watching this amazing video so many things came to mind, “How did the creators of this video create these images, the character Marcel, her voice, the graphics of her home?” And what I learned was that this whole video was created with Digital Media! I haven’t been that amused in a while. This lecture made me want to learn so much more! I now want to make things such as Infographics, funny YouYube videos, album artwork and even learn how to photoshop! I am so happy that I get an opportunity to learn all these amazing skills throughout this course. And now I know exactly what Digital Media is, and I can’t wait to learn more!

I highly recommend this course to any future RTA students or even current RTA students who haven’t taken this course, you will be shocked to hear how much Digital Media we all use in our everyday lives, also this course will be providing me with new skills such as photoshop, and even how to make motion graphics! This will help any student learn and gain skills for the field that they hope to work in, and boy oh boy am I in for a surprise…I now get to keep track of a Digital Diary showing how much Digital Media I use in one day…keep reading on to read my SHOCKING results!

; calli eliopoulos



2 thoughts on “Digital Media

  1. Your blog looks good. Feel free to go ahead and customize your theme settings and overall blog design. Also don’t forget to keep up with the weekly blog entries — they’re worth 25% of your grade!


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