Digital Footprint

 Hello, my name is Calli Eliopoulos and I am addicted to Digital Media…

Throughout Monday’s lecture, I was more shocked then anything. I never realized how much the Internet knows about me. It really concerned me more then anything. I googled myself, and photo of my boyfriend and I popped up…isn’t that insane?! I am now more careful with what I post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s crazy how Digital Media can track us all down! I feel that people should be a bit more careful with what they are posting online, think about it. Let’s say you go in for a job interview, and it goes excellent, and your (hopefully new) boss checks your Facebook just to make sure he/she isn’t hiring the wrong person. He/she finds a photo of you on Facebook holding a bottle of Vodka and you’re middle finger sticking out. DO YOU THINK THIS COMPANY WOULD STILL WANT TO HIRE YOU AFTER SEEING THAT?! NO! So be careful with what you post online because Digital Media truly effects us all time. Make sure before you post a photo or a Tweet, think about who will be seeing it…you don’t want to risk something like losing a job opportunity.

My Digital Footprint was awfully shocking, I spent 80% of my day on the Internet and the other 20% was texting. I never really realized how much I used Digital Media on a daily basis until I got to track what I do every hour, I highly recommend doing this, you folks will become more aware of how often Digital Media is in your every day life. I would love to change my online presence and participation with Digital Media, but I know that’s almost impossible for me. I LOVE my cellphone, Twitter and Facebook and I know no matter how hard I try I won’t be able to resist the temptation. Sad, I know but I’m sure you guys are thinking the same thing! Even while writing this post I take breaks to check my Facebook, reply to my boyfriends text and tweet about how much I love Word Press. I think I need an intervention…it’s crazy how addicted we humans are with Digital Media, so take some time out of your day and record the intake of Digital Media you  use in a day to see what your Digital Footprint is like! I’d be honoured to hear what your results are!

; calli eliopoulos


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