1) This is a photo of me from Cuba that my friend took. I decided one day that I wanted to fool around in photoshop and change up this image’s colour since this weeks lecture was all about the use of colour! I faded out the background of the image to make the image of myself more bold. But while fading the background I made the colour of the water a different blue then what it actually was to make the photo brighter and highlight the main focus of the image, which is me! Also, while fading out the background I made the colours on the people’s shirts more bold to help focus in the image of myself. I then decided that the best way to make this image POP was to make the leaf stand out as much as possible, so I had some fun making the green more bold (while in person this leaf was pretty faded as you can see on the edges of it) I decided to let the natural fading of the plant stand out a bit while changing the green of the leaf. While editing this image I wanted it to be shown as if it was in a travel book making people want to come join the fun in Cuba, so I spiced up the images a bit hoping people would be attracted to it! So I went around to friends and asked if the colour of the leaf and the colour of the water was making them attracted to the scenery of Cuba and to my surprise they all said “I need a darn vacation…” This weeks lecture truly showed me what people can do with colour and how much the colour effects the viewers mind.

2. This image has been my laptop background for ages due to the bold colours. LIGHTS! my favourite singer loves to illustrate images for her albums and comics, and I’ve been a fan of both for years! When LIGHTS! posted this image that she illustrated she said it was an inspiration from her songs that she wanted to incorporate in her comic books. I feel that the viewers of this image understand that LIGHTS! is showing her strength not only through her music but through images helping people understand that she can not be defeated. The shadowy background of mountains seem to uncover the rocky moments that she has gone through in her life while the bold yellow, and immediate image of the gun shows her sense of power. I truly feel that, that was the common goal of this image, to help emotionally understand LIGHTS! life and music through her artwork. By writing this post I totally view this image differently, I thought it was just a “cool” image but now analyzing it I feel like I discovered hidden messages behind the true meaning of the image. I think that was LIGHTS! goal for her fans. This great use of bold colours really unlocked the meaning of the image for me, I would’ve never thought that and image could impact me so much due to the use of colour! And I would’ve never thought that my favourite artists artwork could reveal so much about them.

3. My favourite place in the world, New York City. This is one of my most favourite photographs due to the use of colour! I feel that the goal of this image is to capture and illuminate the attention of tourists.  It highlights many of New Yorks finest, such as the Disney Store in the top left corner where the green is brightened to attract attention, the sky is bright blue and immediately caught my attention when I first looked at this image, I feel that it highlights all the attractions in Time Square. Also the Forever 21 ads help show the great shopping market that is offered in the city, and let me tell you, the Forever 21 location is 5 floors, I was in heave! I feel that the producer of this image truly wants the audience to see the perfection of the city by highlighting it’s many attractions, making tourists realize that Time Square is a must see while visiting the city. Even McDonalds stands out in the image (and we ALL love McDonalds While analyzing this image I feel that I am being put into Time Square with the bold colours being used in the image. I truly read more into this photo noticing the colour technique that was used, especially the stops lights at the top of the image make me feel as if I am in the photo! I feel that this image is an excellent example of colour and it’s many schemes because it immediately drew my attention where I looked deeply into the photo and tried to discover what the producer of the image wanted the viewer to discover, the wonderful city of New York.

4. Ah, my favourite album by the amazing Owl City. The album artwork not only captured my attention, but by listening to the complete album, the vivid images of the album artwork all came together in my head. While analyzing this photo people truly were confused at the concept of the image, and I told them that the only way to understand this image was to listen to the album and all the images come together. In this album Adam Young (Owl City) uses the lines “in the deep blue sea” “where am I going?” “reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn’t wanna live there” quite often and they quickly caught my attention. All the images on the cover of the album all help explain the lines, “the deep blue sea” lyric helps distinguish what the water in the image means which interconnects to the line “where am I going” with the boat in the sea. My favourite line “reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn’t wanna live there” helps define the whole concept of the album artwork.  The shark in the water and the torn up housing shows the flaws of the world, but I failed to notice that the beautiful tree at the top of the image helps describe the first part of the line of the quote “reality is a lovely place…” I think the colour of the tree truly defines the goal of the album artwork by it’s bright and captivating colour making the listener question the truth behind the album, what life is really about. I think the strategy of this image was to make the listeners understand the challenges that Adam Young went through during his life but also understanding the positive outcomes from the obstacles he had to get over.  I never thought by analyzing an image by it’s colour could unlock so many secrets from the artist. Wow, Digital Media just continues to amaze me!


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