Lighting and Igniting!

Last week I got to experience an amazing lecture with Lance Weiler in the Rogers Communication Center of Ryerson University, that left me and a dozen of other students in complete shock with the amazing things that he has created.  Lance Weiler is known as the future of story telling where he uses Transmedia (technology) to tell stories.

Lance presented many new concepts and ideas throughout his lecture, but the one that caught my attention the most was the process he went through to create these stories. Social, Connected, Personalized, Persuasive were the steps to creating his masterpiece’s! Something like Laika’s Adventure, where Lance involved children, problem solving, a robot that traveled 2000 miles and visited 56 cities which helps children with critical thinking skills. It’s amazing how one little character can make such a big impact! If you guys are interested in learning more about Laika’s Adventure visit to check it out 🙂

Throughout this lecture, my understanding of Digital Media increased. I learned that imagination is key, and to try to incorporate all audiences into one piece.  Like Laika’s Adventure parents, children, and other adults were all impacted in this practice like Lance said about collaborative Layers (core, filter, shared, open) helping everyone stay involved. Digital Media is truly not all about Twitter and Facebook, it’s more about story telling through technology and Lance clearly helped define the true meaning of Digital Media.

This lecture impacted me to want to start things like Laika’s Adventure and even participate and help contribute to the adventure, because then I can creatively help impact people through Digital Media in a fun and cute way! It’s truly inspiring how well Lance has done for himself, I highly recommend that everyone reading this post should look into Lance Weiler’s website to attain more information on this amazing, inspirational Digital Media maniac!

Also, I unfortunately didn’t get to attend the amazing Nuit Blanche…I know don’t be angry I had work 😦 So sorry I don’t have anything exciting about that to share 😦


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