Artist’s Statement


My favorite season is fall, with the gorgeous trees and leaves sprawled all over the ground; and the wind blowing softly through the air. My friend and I went to get some coffee at York University, on this amazing fall day.  We sat down by a beautiful park, which quickly caught my attention and inspired me right away.  I needed to capture this moment as fast as I could before she’d end up moving into another position.  That’s when I decided that this photograph would be a perfect image to represent the beauty of the fall season. My goal was to create an album cover that was worthy enough for the amazing tracks it would showcase.

The target audience of this album would be anyone from the ages 18 and up.  The album would include calm and soothing sounds that would help heal any worries and pain. For students, it would help with concentration while studying and for adults it will help with a long day at work.

When I first started using Photoshop I was really confused with all the effects that I had to use but playing around and using all these tutorials to help gain a general amount of skills to create an album cover! I was at first frightened with the idea, but playing around with effects really makes a huge difference; after all, practice makes perfect. To transform this image, I used 5 layers, hue and saturation, the lasso tool, blur tool amazing fonts and color adjustment. For the first layer, I used that as the image that I took/ made it as the background.  Then I used the lasso tool around all of the trees above my friend and adjusted that hue and saturation to make the color of the leaves bolder.  Then on the third layer I blurred the image of my friend just a bit too make the background stand out more.  After that I adjusted the colors and used the CRAP principals to capture my target audience, making the color bold was the main aspect to capturing my audience!

I took a number of other photos to help achieve my main goal of this album artwork, but this image immediately caught my attention because of my friend’s action with her mouth, which appeared as if she was singing. It was a natural photo and I didn’t even ask her to do anything I knew right away this was a great idea for this assignment.

The most difficult part of this assignment was trying to make the colors as bold and natural as I could get them; I did a number of tutorials and watched many YouTube videos on how to achieve my main goal of the use of color in Photoshop! That’s how I over came the challenges of Photoshop.

Originally, my goal was to sketch out a photo and use high saturations to make the color extremely bold, sort of like the Maroon 5 album cover! I tried a number of different ideas but nothing was catching my attention as I thought it should of. That’s when I knew that when I took a random photo of my friend and came up with an idea right away about my favorite season I knew the things I could accomplish with this image. I went through many ideas to achieve my final piece.  Throughout this process I learned so many concepts and principals about Photoshop and the amazing things I could do to an image. I always wondered how people made certain images look the way they do and now it’s easy for me to say that I know the things that they did to get the image the way it is.  I think the album cover really directs who the target audience may be and clearly identifies the design principles covered in class.


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