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When people think of addiction they immediately think about alcohol and drugs. But my version of addiction is my Crackberry…sorry I mean Blackberry. I know I’ve talked about this before but I haven’t really gone in much detail about it that’s why I’m using my free time to tell you more about it.  I truly think that the Blackberry has truly taken over us.  Before the iPhone was this wonderful creation mostly used for business. Now it’s used for, well…EVERYTHING. I’ve had an addiction to my blackberry since 2007 and I’ve had every one from the Pearl to the Bold.  The tragedy happened in 2010 when I decided to switch to an iPhone. I’m not going to lie but the amount of Digital Media that was provided was fantastic, an app for everything and easy access too! But something was missing…I realized I can get almost every app that I wanted (except Temple Run and Instagram) on a Blackberry with BBM and a cheaper phone plan! So after realizing this, I took a dramatic step and paid lots of money to switch back to my Blackberry (which now has touch screen-iPhone and Blackberry all in one) I not only missed BBM, but the physical texting of my phone is what I missed.  Email, BBM (with my friends that live outside of Canada), Brickbreaker, Twitter, Facebook Music and so much more was provided just as much as the iPhone did! So I’m pretty happy with my transition even though my Visa was not.

My boyfriend hates when I text when we’re together and always tell me to put it away and stop texting.  When I had my iPhone I was never as bad as I am with the Blackberry, the moment I put the Blackberry in my pocket I can’t resist not picking it up when I feel it vibrate! So, my boyfriend and I made a plan too stop my Digital Media addiction, whoever picks up their phone first when together (unless it’s a phone call) has to pay for a meal or give eachother $10 for everytime. No excuses.  Let’s just say due to this “master plan” I’ve lost over $100 and it’s only been a month since my transition…! I never realized how much Digital Media can truly effect my pocket and my relationships! It’s truly an addiction and I can’t help it no matter how many time I lose in this bet. I know my fellow Blackberry friends couldn’t help but say “PREACH CALLI I FEEL YA” and I know anyone with a blackberry goes through the same struggles to stay off their phone! It really is amazing how much Digital Media effects our daily lives!


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