After Effects and Your Work

After Effects completely frightens me! It is one of the most amazing programs that can do truly do anything you want to an image. What frightens me the most about it is the process of making the image the way I want it to be and all the work that comes with it. I have never heard or even used After Effects since a couple of weeks ago so when I hear that some other students have used it multiple times I get extremely intimidated! But I feel I will be able to over come my fear of After Effects and make my assignment the best it can be!

My plan for my Motion Graphics assignment consists of manipulation of a photo I took of my bestfriend Kaitlyn, she’s pouting her lips and I want to transform her lips into a smile and bring in a title that I still have yet to decide what that will be! It will be for a movie that I am still debating about, but the seductive image will sure help distinguish what the movie will show!



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