What’s Your Type?!

American Apparels famous ads use the Helvetica font! This effective bold font draws attention immediately to the ad and clearly defines what the company is trying to advertise, not only that, the font and images combined determine the type of audience that American Apparel is aimed to which is 16+.  It is clearly effective because it gets the message out to the fans of the store and brings in customers which makes it successful.  The font is also known as the “American Apparel” style font which is known to many people all over the world.

Marc Jacobs famous Daisy perfume also has a very distinctive font! Marc Jacobs uses the same font for all of his ads and people know when they see this font that it’s a Marc Jacobs ad! This font is effective because it attracts all of Marc Jacobs fans making his line one of the top fashion lines all over the world! The font Daisy clearly defines that it is for a feminine woman combined with the images provided it shows who the target audience is! The message is clearly seduction.

The No, Yes, Maybe ad has a very effective appearance! The use of typography is amazing and delivers a highly intriguing message! It immediately catches the eye! I don’t feel as if there is a specific target audience for this image but everyone who looks at it takes a second glance because they see “no” but the “no” is filled with “yes” and the hidden maybe at the bottom of the image! The sue of typography in this image truly amazed me because of the different meanings entailed within the image!


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