Storytelling & Transmedia

Stories really are everywhere and everyday we have stories to tell, and here are some of my stories that I encountered in just one day:

My boyfriend and I have a bucket list, and on that list we write down all the things we want to do in our future as a couple, things such as going on vacation together or going to an expensive restaurant that we’re saving up for.  It’s been over 5 months that we’ve added anything to our list and I forgot that I even had the list on my phone! So one day when I was bored laying on my bed, I decided that my phone needed a bit of a clean out, so I went through almost every app and deleted a bunch of photos. I finally ended up in my “notepad” app where I pretty much write all the things I shouldn’t forget and came across “Calli and Onur’s Bucket List” I couldn’t believe some of the things that we had written and have forgotten about it brought laughter and sadness about things that we have yet to achieve as a couple! I confronted him about the list and he was immediately determined to get these goals completed and we are currently on our way to completing our list and of course adding new adventures 🙂

I was sitting on the bus on my way home for work when an elderly lady sitting beside me approached me about her issues with the staff of the TTC, she told me all about the issues she’s been having and how she’s been mistreated by employes a number of times and how people who are sitting in the bus never offer her a seat even though she has a walker! I couldn’t help but agree with her, because TTC keeps raising their prices even though their service is absolutely terrible! Her story was truly heard and really should’ve been heard by others and maybe even city council, she ended our conversation by telling me, “Tell your mother she’s raised an amazing daughter” her story really impacted me and I couldn’t help but share my stories on the TTC and express my feelings about her issues!

I keep a memory box inside of my night table, inside of that box I put concert tickets, favourite movie tickets and memories of dates with my boyfriend! Yearly I go through this box and clear it out of thing that I don’t ink belong there anymore, I couldn’t believe some of the things that I put in there, I found movies tickets from 5 years ago, and a picture of me getting my nose pierced 3 years ago! There are so many stories in that box that I can share with people including my kids in the future and I highly recommend that people try to keep one as well and help keep your memories alive so you’re able to tell stories 🙂


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