Documenting Your Process

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My After Effects assignment is surprisingly coming along great, although I have lots of exciting thing to add these photos have shown what I’ve done so far on my assignment 🙂 Shockingly my concept has not changed since I’ve started but I have come up with more things to add to the assignment! I’ve decided that after the girl in the photo smiles, I want to fade her out and bring it a dramatic title with cool typography! I will also be using some goal music that I have gotten to go with the Audrey Hepburn themed motion graphic! It’s mysterious and I believe it would get viewers attention immediately! Those are the new ideas that I’ve come up with since my last post about this assignment! I couldn’t believe all of the crazy effects that I learned on After Effects like shattering an image, changing someones emotions and even making an image float around the screen! I can’t wait to continue my motion graphics assignment, it’s definitely gotten less intimidating while I continued to play around with it!


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