Farewell But Not Goodbye

I can’t believe my Digital Media course has come to an end! I now get to take everything that I’ve learned in just a couple of months and incorporate in my future years in Radio and Television and apply it all in my futures work!

I never thought that I would learn all the amazing things that I’ve learned in just a few months! I learned how to change a photo in photoshop and create a movie teaser in After Effects! Not only did I learn about Photoshop and After Effects but I learned how much Digital Media effects our everyday lives! We use Digital Media almost every minute from our cellphones, to our commuters and on to our TV! It really does effect our everyday lives!

I have to admit that I am not 100% confident with all the programs that we’ve learned but practise makes perfect right?! I will work on it until I fully feel comfortable with the programs and excel to use these programs in my futures works!

I’d have to say that the most important thing that I am taking away from this course is After Effects! I now know how to create a short trailer/teaser that I can use in my future and create projects to show people the skills that I have while using After Effects!

I’m really into the the vintage Audrey Hepburn themes! Black and white are my favourite colours that I love to incorporate in pretty much anything so I think I’ve developed a specific theme that I like to work on which is black and white vintage!

I am truly going to miss Digital Media class, and I look forward to continuing on in Digital Media in my future years in Radio and Television! But just like the title says, this is farewell not goodbye!

I will be continuing my blogging more about my personal experiences in my life not just Digital Media, so continue following up and I can share my experiences within university!

-Farwell; Calli Eliopoulos


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