About Me!

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I’m Calli, and I am currently studying Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University! After my 4 years of study I hope to become a producer and/or director for Much Music or MTV.  But that may change! This is because I am becoming more curious about the on-screen concepts and all these different courses provided for me are really showing the different opportunities that will be offered to me after my 4 years! Maybe one day you’ll see me as your weather girl on CP24!  I love to dance, act and sing! I used to dance at the Beaches Performing Arts Center and that was a major part in my life! In high school I directed 2 school plays and worked with the Sears Drama Festival which was an amazing experience and really helped me learning things such as lighting board, sound board and skills of a director! These experiences really helped me realize that RTA was the program for me and that I wanted to learn more!

#BDC192 is a course that has offered the experience of creating my own blog about Digital Media! In this course I GET TO CREATE ARTWORK FOR AN ALBUM?! HOW AWESOME CAN THIS COURSE GET! Also, tweeting #bdc192 shows some of the awesome things that I will be learning throughout the semester! I truly can’t wait to learn more about Digital Media, learning things such as photoshop will be an amazing experience! Stay tuned for more posts!

; calli eliopoulos


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