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What’s Your Type?!

American Apparels famous ads use the Helvetica font! This effective bold font draws attention immediately to the ad and clearly defines what the company is trying to advertise, not only that, the font and images combined determine the type of audience that American Apparel is aimed to which is 16+. Ā It is clearly effective because … Continue reading

Bloggers Choice

When people think of addiction they immediately think about alcohol and drugs. But my version of addiction is my Crackberry…sorry I mean Blackberry. I know I’ve talked about this before but I haven’t really gone in much detail about it that’s why I’m using my free time to tell you more about it. Ā I truly … Continue reading

Lighting and Igniting!

Last week I got to experience an amazing lecture with Lance Weiler in the Rogers Communication Center of Ryerson University, that left me and a dozen of other students in complete shock with the amazing things that he has created. Ā Lance Weiler is known as the future of story telling where he uses Transmedia (technology) … Continue reading


1)Ā This is a photo of me from Cuba that my friend took. I decided one day that I wanted to fool around in photoshop and change up this image’s colour since this weeks lecture was all about the use of colour! I faded out the background of the image to make the image of myself … Continue reading

Digital Footprint

Ā Hello, my name is Calli Eliopoulos and I am addicted to Digital Media… Throughout Monday’s lecture, I was more shocked then anything. I never realized how much the Internet knows about me. It really concerned me more then anything. I googled myself, and photo of my boyfriend and I popped up…isn’t that insane?! I am … Continue reading